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Trip To The U S of A!!!

[wrigley field-chicago]
[nike town]
[cloud gate-millenium park, chicago]
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Hey peeps…on JULY 2006, I went to Chicago to visit me bf (Aban) …it was me first visit to the U S of A…I was soooooo excited!!! ...luckily it was summer that time so me don’t have to wear ol those jackets to keep me warm…hehehe.. thank god Aban’s sis (Alang) was there to accompany me…klu x bosan gak naik flite lame2 sorg2 took us like forever to get to Chicago...we took d MAS flight to LA and from LA to Chicago…nak termuntah rase asyik dok dlm plane je…i was so excited & can’t wait to see Aban …that’s d only thing playing in my mind since I first boarded the plane frm KL…

Ok then…we arrived at Chicago’s Midway International Airport…took d cabbie and headed straight to Aban’s place at North Lake Shore Drive…its actually her older sister’s (Along) place and he’s staying together with her…anyways, the apartment was sooo beautiful it had the view of Lake Shore Drive and Wrigley Field which is the CUBS stadium is just behind the apartment…jln sket je dh sampai…bestnye!!! shopping shopping!!!..meeting up wit & partyin wit aban’s frens…his frens were so nice & cool…i met Brian, Asmaa, Alison & Chad…miss u guys loads…of cos didn’t get to hang out wit Chad dat muc cos he was bz working…anyways thanx fo d “Panic! At The Disco” tixies…enjoyed the show!!!...

Along suggested that we go for a road trip to NYC!!!...wohooo!!!!...since everyone is here and Aban is coming home to Malaysia for good…so NYC here we come!!! ..the four of us went for the trip (me, aban, along, alang + hubby)…it was a 3 days 2 nites trip…tired??...not at ol…i was so excited sampai x sempat nk rase penat…on the way back we followed the route yg lalu Washington DC…so singgah la gak for a day trip at DC…

Back again in Chicago…went for a drink wit Brian & Asmaa d nite before we left for LA and back to Malaysia…last lepak session wit them...sedih je rase nk balik...hope I can stay there longer but I have to work (how boring is dat!!!)…hmmm looking back at the pixies I remembered our fun time partyin n chillin out together with I miss them a lot!!...ok la, hope u guys enjoy d pixies k..owh btw, this is just part of my pix collection in the US…the rest of d pixies r corrupted cos sumthing happened to my CD…huhuhu…if u guys know any software that can recover images from cd do let me know kays…enjoy!!!

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Luv Me Actionsampler Flash!!!!

[belmont station..on our way to Armitage]
[Aban wit his trick @ d lobby of Along's apartment]
[still waiting for the train]
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Hey peeps..this is my first ever entry in FP…org sume dh upload beribu2 pix me br nk strt …hehehe..anyways its never too late for neting rite?...sebenarnye dh lame dh nk upload pixies in FP but too layzee to edit & wait for it to be uploaded...well anyways, me first entry are pixies taken frm me lomography cam / lomo giler lomo cam nih …i got it as a bday prezie frm me sis on me bday lst 2 yrs…i’ve been dreaming to get me hands on d lomo cam for soooo long, lst2 dpt as bday prezie plak…yay!!!

my lomo cam is called The Action Sampler Flash…it has 4 lenses and the image will come out in 4 different sequence tp dlm 1 piece…cool kn??...the 1 thing that i don’t really like bout dis cam is that u can’t view d image dat u’ve shot immediately cause unlike the digi cam it still uses u have 2 develop it before u can see d resultt…anyway, that’s the whole idea of Lomo Cams…its an experimental camera & not to be used for professional photography…take ur lomo cam anywhere, use it any time – day & night, don’t care bout rules…just snap snap snap away!!!! ...k la, enuff said enjoy d pixies aite


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